French Schools

Below are the French schools of Montpellier who recognise and value the importance of GoLingo. My  events allow for their students to meet with French locals to improve their French outside of the classroom, make new friends and enjoy their free time whilst in Montpellier. GoLingo is grateful for their support and for putting our events in their official events’ calendars.

Accent Français






Alliance Française

Alliance Française



Espaces Langues







English and multi-language schools

Just like our French schools, the English and multi-language schools below recognise GoLingo and include my events as official evening time activities for their students. GoLingo is grateful for their support and we hope their students profit from our events!

Victoria’s English Centre

Victoria's English Centre


Businesses of Montpellier we recommend

With all my partnerships there is no money involved, it’s simply a connection of friendly business owners helping to spread the word of one another, for quality products or services!

Bagel House


The original Bagel House of Montpellier,here you’ll find all the typical American treats; from Hotdogs, Ben and Jerrys and of course the best bagels in town! Owner Julien, is your friendly un-official guide to Montpellier and is very welcome to help!

Café Solo


A very welcoming Jessica invites you into her tea and coffee parlour, a favourite with international students it’s a great place to chill and meet new people. Many teas and coffees to try from, I like to try a new flavour each time I visit…which is often!


Hello future partners…

If you are interested in forming a partnership with GoLingo, please send an email to Thanks!