About me

Hi, my name is Tom and I’m from Wales. When I finished my degree I set myself the goal to travel the world and learn a few languages along the way. The majority of my travels so far have been spent in South America, where I volunteered in various hospitals and orphanages, my final 6 months was spent setting up a fund raising project in Sucre, Bolivia.


-7Gringo Lingo

After attending an language exchange event during my travels in South America, I returned to my favourite city in Bolivia, Sucre and set up the same concept of one-to-one conversations between native Spanish and English speakers. Named Gringo Lingo, it was a success and was enjoyed by travellers and Bolivians alike.




Escuela Móvil

The earnings from Gringo Lingo helped fund Escuela Móvil, a mobile school that moves throughout the city, giving disadvantaged children a chance to learn. On the brink of closure, I’ve decided to give 10% of my profits from GoLingo back to this project which should hopefully keep it afloat!




I knew when I left Bolivia, I wanted to learn French and set up the same concept in France. Montpellier stood out to me as the perfect place to do it, a vibrant city with many students learning different languages. It’s a great mix and hopefully GoLingo will be a positive addition!




Final word

I look forward to organising and hosting these events, I loved my time in Bolivia, it was a lot of fun and I know the participants enjoyed themselves too! I hope that the same success will be followed in Montpellier and that you enjoy the event.

I hope you feel it has helped you to connect with others and improve the language you’re learning! Hope to see you soon, Tom