How do I sign up for an event?

Click on the reserve button underneath the event you wish to attend and sign up by adding your details.

Can I turn up to the event without registering online?

Unfortunately no, it’s a difficult task to make sure a balanced number native speakers attend in order to maintain a one-to-one conversation event. Therefore I ask you kindly to register for each event you wish to attend so GoLingo goes smoothly!

Why aren’t there any more spaces in the event?

GoLingo works on having a balance of native speakers for one-to-one conversations, so numbers have to be restricted. Best to register in advance to make sure you have a place!

I’m not a native speaker…

Non-native speakers are very welcome! As an example, there are many Germans, Italians and Swiss who are the English speakers for the French/English evening. As long as you feel you have a level of fluency where you can help your partner to improve the language they are trying to improve, then come along!

Is there an age restriction?

Minimum age of 17 please! Definitely no age limit, GoLingo is a very mixed evening of all ages!

I only know the basics…

There is no pressure here at GoLingo. Just try your best and use what you have, your new French friends will try to help. It’s about gaining confidence with the French level you have so you can speak what you know with ease!

I can’t make it to the event!

No worries, send me an email at tom@golingo.fr or call on 06 95 49 93 27 as soon as you can! So your space can be given to somebody else!


If you have any more questions, then please feel free to send me an email at tom@golingo.fr