GoLingo is about fun and productive language exchange evenings to help improve our language skills. Native speakers come together to connect and share through a series of one-to-one conversations in the bars and pubs of Montpellier.

Starting with the registration, grab your free and meet some participants before the conversations commence!

As an example between French and English native speakers, with your first partner;
—Speak for 8 minutes in English
—Then 8 minutes in French
Followed by a change of table to meet your next partner!
—Repeat 5 or 6 times and voila!

Nothing too complicated, but an effective way to meet many people and help one another with the language we are trying to learn!

It’s up to you if you want to simply chit-chat or discuss politics! The idea is to find new friends who are as passionate about learning another language as you are. All within a relaxed, bar type atmosphere, where hopefully the conversation will run freely….